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Obesity in children

Approximately every fourth child is overweight, and every tenth already suffers from obesity. In addition, the number of children fighting for overweight is constantly increasing. The lack of exercise is one of the biggest problems.
Inherited obesity is partly connected with heredity. However, in fact, this is a combination of innate assumptions and environment surrounding children.
However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the main cause of excess weight and obesity is simple: energy consumption exceeds energy consumption. Thus, the children's body cannot burn everything that the child ate and drank. In particular, two factors play a decisive role: improper nutrition and lack of exercise. The main prevention is regular physical exertion, just walking. The child must choose a lesson who will entertain him, and not to cause stress.
Baby weight control and basic intervention in the case of overweight is included in the duty of a pediatrician within regular preventive inspections. However, the success of interventions, including training, nutrition counseling or psychological assistance is usually very low. Intervention is more efficient for preschool children who have no obesity and there are motivated parents. It is important to adjust the lifestyle of the whole family and practically fully control the food habits of the child. The success of individual intervention programs is reduced by age, since parents gradually lose their influence on the volume and composition of the diet or activity of the child, but also correct the habits of nutrition and exercise and even metabolic programs of the body.
Treatment of children's obesity should be based on a general and consciously controlled change in lifestyle. Children do not fit medicines or surgical intervention. In childhood obesity, it is also not recommended to significantly reduce the diet, since a unilateral change in the diet does not benefit the developing organism. In nutritional education, it is necessary to emphasize the danger of one-sided diets or a significant reduction in energy consumption with risk of health hazard, including the risk of nutritional disorders.
Slimming in the treatment of excess weight and obesity in children should not exceed one kilogram per month. The role of a psychologist is very important, or the help of nutritionists and other specialists, specialized sanatorium-resort tours for children is a suitable start for treatment.
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